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Haisheng Group Middle level training
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Haisheng Group Middle level training

   The first section of Haisheng Group Middle level training began in Yige Business Hotel in June, 2, 2012, and there are 40 managers joined this training. This training class invited Mr. Zhao, the vice president of Haisheng Group to be the trainer who offered the training courses as the general introduction of Haisheng development strategy and culture and manager.


 Mr. Zhao gave a brief introduction about the company development strategy with a deep analysis of the opportunities and challenges it wound meet. The presentation was aiming at strengthening the strategic thinking abilities in middle level managers and identifying Haisheng culture. The training adopted the interactive teaching method which deepened trainees’ understanding and cultivated strategic thinking abilities. Trainees are divided into groups to discuss different topics. 


    During the two-day training, each trainee gave positive and passionate feedback. They not only strengthened every trainee’s understanding of strategy and culture, but also showed great confidence in company and new strategy.