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Baby Carrot

       Babycarrot is also known as “Baby-cut carrot”, the Chinese name is “fruit carrot” or “mini carrot”. The product has been born in the State of California, which is the ready meal product through cleaning, cutting, polishing carrots. In 1986, Mike Yurosek, who is planter of carrots in the State of California, wouldn’t like to throw the carrot with a little rot. Therefore, he began to find the way to improve efficient utilization of resource. Then, he found the equipment cutting green beans and potatoes, which could also cut, peel and polish carrots. Finally, the original baby-cut carrot was born. So Mike Yurosek was also called the father of baby-cut carrot. Before the born of baby-cut carrot, “Baby carrot” had been representative of not fully ripe carrot. Since baby-cut carrot has entered the market, customers have come to love the product, and it is called baby carrot for short.

Baby carrots have been regular dishes in the western countries. They have many dip products, except eating raw or dipping sauce. Baby carrots are flavorful, nutritious, and very popular with common people.

       In 2013, Haisheng Group has introduced “Emperor” carrots from America, which are the raw materials of baby carrot. After studying nearly two years, the western delicious have been provided for Chinese customers. At present, Haisheng Group has owned 6“Emperor” carrot orchards, laying different latitudes. We have achieved supply baby carrots all the year round.

       “Eden View“ is the high-end brand for fresh fruits and vegetables by Haisheng Group. It is aimed at providing safe, healthy, fresh, delicious, high-quality products for customers.

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