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Sumer strawberry

       “Qingu Tianyuan” is one of Haisheng Group fresh healthy and fresh fruit brands for all ages customers. All the products come from our own orchards with quality and safety controlled from the source. and we import new varieties of fruits and vegetables from all over the globe,aiming at providing fresh, delicious, healthy, high-quality products.

       Strawberries contains rich amino acid, fructose, sucrose, glucose, citric acid, malic acid, pectin, carotene, Vitamin B1, B2, niacin, minerals Ca, Mg, P, K, Fe etc., nutrients of which are good for the elderly and children, promoting growth and development. Foreign researches show that the effective constituents in strawberries inhibit cancer growth. Per 100g strawberries contain 50-100mg Vitamin C, ten times more than apples and grapes. Scientific research says that Vitamin C has important effects on the brain and skin, making brain cells steady and firm, skin smooth and flexible by erasing the loose or tense state between cells. In addition, eating some strawberries after a meal is beneficial to digestion and absorption.

       The product is summer strawberry, supplying from June to November.

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